Fred Engel
Founder and President

Fred Engel brings to his clients a valuable combination of entrepreneurial drive and creativity, tempered by large company experience.  He likes building products and has focused on helping companies improve the way they build products. The advent of Agile/Lean methodologies has caused him to coach people in all of the disciplines of delivering products. Coaching is required because the training is often not enough to make an effective transition.  Fred has coached senior managers structure the organization in different ways that improves the Agile aspects of decision making and planning. Product Governance and Decision-Making processes are particular strengths.  He has also coached Product Owners and SCRUM Masters in tailoring the methodology to their needs.


In his tenure at large and small companies, as well as several start-ups, he has managed in a broad set of environments releasing a stream of successful products into the marketplace. His transition from technologist, to manager, to executive, and to entrepreneur puts him in the position of seeing his clients world from several points of view. In the last 10 years Fred has focused on SaaS solutions,  some of which were being built with an Agile/Scrum methodology.  


For more than 35 years, Fred Engel has served as CTO for a steady stream of successful companies resulting in a successful IPO and several profitable acquisitions.  He has been involved in raising multiple rounds from Venture Capital firms as well as the public markets.  While CTO, he drove company product strategy while building new products, often from the ground up.   His products have won revenue, won awards, and served a variety of markets.  He oversaw the Engineering, Product Management, Support, and IT groups at startups and at Fortune 500 organizations.


Fred has also been on the board of three companies that had successful exits through acquisition. His involvement with Cherrystone Angels of Providence has allowed him to be involved in all aspects of starting, funding, and running companies from finding a market, to getting funding, to serving as CTO, COO, and a Board member.


Fred’s first start-up specialized in consulting in the then new field of Networking and built several leading edge solutions on a contract basis.   Fred was the VP of Engineering, leading the execution of consulting, training, and engineering.  The company was sold to Bell Atlantic (Verizon) where Fred stayed for two years.


Following a successful run at Bell Atlantic Fred went to Concord Communications, a very small start-up looking for a new direction. As CTO Fred spearheaded its drive into Network Management by creating the Network Performance Management market through the invention of Network Health, a prototype he wrote himself.  A leader in its market, Network Health (later eHealth) grew quickly.  Fred was initially the sole Product Manager but over time built up the organization to over a dozen people.  At the same time Fred built up and ran the Development and Support organizations to over 250 people.  As revenues climbed, Fred led the acquisition of 5 companies and the creation of several new products.  Concord had an IPO in 1997 and grew to $150m in revenue by 2005 when it was acquired by CA.


At Iron Mountain, Fred was the CTO of the Digital Division.  As CTO Fred was responsible for integrating 6 new SaaS acquisitions into an integrated solution with a complementary strategy.  To get 300 engineers in different countries to work together Fred had to re-organize the management team, create a new product governance process, strengthen Product Management, and integrate with the operations to better support the 7x24 goals. Fred also helped start an Agile transition.


Fred also has 6 patents in security, data representation, and network management. He has participated in the creation of several worldwide standards through the IETF, being a founding member of the RMON MIB group. Fred has been an investor in and has served on the boards of several companies as well as the Slater Technology Fund. 

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