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P r o b l e m

Symptoms of process not working:

•    Products are not delivered on time with the quality and features desired by the marketplace. 

•    The process of creating products is expensive, slow, and frustrating. 

•    Too many features do not work. Too little improvement from release to release.

•    Requirements are not complete

SCRUM needs tuning:

•    Releases are not really coming out faster

•    SCRUM not fully implemented

•    Role definitions are often ad-hoc and power driven

•    Product Owner needs decision making support and Governance

•    People often do not have the full set of skills to perform their jobs

•    The role of Product Management in building products is often not well understood or under siege

Process not defined:

•    How does the Product Manager relate to SCRUM development?

•    Who guides the Product Owner?

•    Who gets to make the product decisions?

•    How are decisions made? How are these decisions appealed?

•    What constitutes a reasonable requirements document? Or any specification for that matter.

•    What is a reasonable amount of review?

•    How do you achieve closure?

S o l u t i o n

The solution involves understanding the current way things are operating and then changing what needs to be changed.  Often, moving to Agile/Lean will improve things greatly. Sometimes, helping fully deploy Agile will improve things. Other times, the processes are not clear and need re-defined and bought into.

Our model has three phases:

•    Assessment of the current state of the organization

•    Establishing Goals and Objectives

•    Implementing and Guiding Change

The first step can generally be accomplished quickly through interviews with various team members. The second step requires broad agreement among the leaders, which needs managing. The third phase, Change, takes a little longer and requires a champion in the organization to drive the change.

Westerly Consulting can provide coaching and training.


  1.     Interview various levels and functions in the organization

  2.      Document the organization’s perceptions

  3.      Assess Agile effectiveness

  4.      Assess process effectiveness

  5.     Deliver recommendations for moving forward

  6.     For more advanced groups: performing Value Stream Mapping

Establishing Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives should answer these questions:

•    Who makes the different types of product decisions?

•    How do Product Managers interact with Product Owners? 

•    How do the different departments share the responsibility of defining the product?

•    How are decisions reviewed?  Appealed?

  1.     What constitutes sufficient definition in a specification?

  2.     Who decides when it is time to release?

Implementing and Guiding Change

With the assessment complete and the goals and objectives defined the organization is ready to move to making changes.  With key change agent identified we coach and help in that change process.  Key items:

  1.     A plan with a timetable and milestones

  2.     Coaching key leader in making changes

•     Defining concrete  steps to change roles

  1.      Set-up Plan-Do-Act-Change

Coaching the individuals, monitoring this process, and helping guide and train people are where we can help.

Building better products


Building products better