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Westerly Consulting has a broad management and product creation background.  We have experience managing large and small organizations. We have managed Product Management, Engineering, QA, Support, and IT.  We can fill in on an interim basis, we can advise, we can fill in where needed.  We can help full time for short stints or we can come in periodically as needed.  We can fill in where you need help.

We have seen all aspects of small and medium companies from initial funding needs and business plans, to acquisitions and re-focusing on new product lines.  We have had to re-structure management teams as well as build new ones from scratch.  We have seen good strategy and bad and understand what it takes to see a market and to figure out what customers really want.  If you need help on the product/support/building part of your company, we can help.

Westerly Consulting can help::

  1. Interim Management Help

  2. Do you need someone to manage a department while you are trying to find full time  help?

  3. Do you have a short term need that needs to be off-loaded?

  4. Do you need to have something managed while you are off on a temporary assignment?

  5. We can help in Product Management, Development, Support, and Operations.

  6. New Product Creation

  7. Product Definition

  8. Market Research

  9. Make vs. Buy

  10. Funding and Management Presentation

  11. Product Requirements

  12. Job Descriptions for Staffing new Product Groups

  13. Statement of Work creation and negotiations

  14. Strategy

  15. Which parts of you strategy are working and which are not?

  16. What are your goals? Does your market support these goals?

  17. Are you listening to the right customers?

  18. Is your entire company aligned on your strategy?

  19. Where should you focus your energies?

  20. We can  help develop a Strategic plan for your product or your company

  21. Boards

  22. Do you need an independent participant?

  23. Does your CEO need help in managing the technology group?

  24. Are you wrestling with where to focus the company?

  25. As an outside board member, we can bring a fresh perspective to your decisions.

  26. Coaching

  27. Do you have a manager or exec that needs coaching?

  28. Do you have a team that needs to find a better operating rhythm?

  29. Do you have a CTO in need of growing into the current assignment?

  30. We can work with you and your folks to help grow the skills that are in development.

  31. Fundraising/Business Plan Development

  32. Does your business plan make sense?

  33. Is your slide deck working? Are telling a convincing story?

  34. Does your story resonate with Angel’s or VC’s?

  35. We can help focus a company and develop funding strategies.

Whatever stage your company is in, Westerly Consulting has the experience, talent, and business acumen to drive your strategy and company. Westerly Consulting has worked with Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies and start-ups.  Let us help you drive your business in the right direction.

Management Advisory Consulting

We bring definition and structure