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We can help by bringing an independent level of review to the acquisition process We can interview the teams, understand their processes, look at their IP, their trade secrets , their infrastructure, their ability to support the business, and review the work your team has already done.

Our services cover a broad range of the activities in a due diligence process:

  1. Goals and Objectives review

  2. Customer references

  3. Processes Evaluation (Release Process, Product Management, Development, Support, QA, IT)

  4. Product Quality

  5. Customer Service and Satisfaction

  6. Technology fit

  7. IT fit

  8. Cultural fit

  9. Organization merge plan

Fred Engel has bought 6 companies, been acquired twice, and was on the board of three companies that were acquired.  He has seen all sides of the acquisitions and can be helpful in both anticipating what is to come and in figuring out what is being purchased

Due Diligence Consulting